What: 4Fold
Where: Delft
Who: Simon Bosschieter
Since: 2008
Source: Holland Container Innovations

Foldable containers

Shipping companies can use the foldable container 4FOLD of Holland Container Innovations (HCI) to annually save 25 percent on transportation of empty containers. At the place of one conventional container, fits a package of four collapsed containers.

The reason that for years many inventors invest in the ultimate folding container, is the fact that 40 percent of containers transported by road are empty and at the large seagoing vessels that is an average 20 percent. Moving containers full of air costs $ 20 billion per year. It draws heavily on the environment and takes plenty of space around the ports.

“If you save on transport, you also save on emission. Studies show that, depending on whether the transport by rail, truck or ship is, on average fifteen percent can be saved on CO2, NOx and particulate matter. Next to that, there are much less proceedings needed in the port when empty containers are grouped by four.”

Two man and a crane

After the first prototypes in 2009 and 2011 HCI built in 2013 a third prototype which is ISO certified. The steel 40-foot container can be folded and unfolded by two men and a crane in a few minutes. Folding begins with unlocking the steel walls one by one and pushing it flat by hand. Thereby the spring system in the bottom of the container captures the weight. After unlocking the end walls, the container is, with the aid of a crane on the roof panel able to be folded to a flat package. Expanding the container works exactly the opposite, where the side walls due to energy stored in the spring elements are easily put in upright position.