What: Algae Food & Fuel
Where: Hendrik Ido Ambacht
Who: BioSoil and Tendris Solutions
Since: 2012
Source: Algae Food & Fuel

Growing algae on agricultural wastestreams

Algae Food & Fuel designs, builds, sells and installs systems for the industrial and agricultural production of algae: algae farming. The use of innovative technologies for algae growth, process control and harvesting results in unique scalable systems which are cost efficient, highly productive and improve the stability of algae based processes.

Algae Food & Fuel creates effective systems by using local resources for algae growth. These resources, that would normally be seen as waste streams, are the input of a process that results in a profitable biomass. This makes algae farming very sustainable: we create valuable products from sustainable resources. Every industry that has to cope with excess heat, flue gasses and/or residual nutrients can be the starting point of an algae farm, and thus a sustainable production process.

Research on algae as a potential source of valuable feedstock has rapidly increased in the last few years. Algae have great benefits compared to other agricultural crops such as rapeseed, oilpalms and soy. Algae farming doesn’t need fertile land or potable water. Furthermore, algae can yield more biomass per hectare than any other crop. Besides oils and proteins, many other components can be extracted, such as trace elements, vitamins and pigments.

When used as a Cradle to Cradle approach, algae farming can offer a solution to many environmental problems, such as fertilizer surplus, the greenhouse-effect, overuse of farmland, and the future shortage of fossil fuels. Above that, it serves many different industries: all who have to deal with a CO2, heat or nutrient surplus.