What: Water purification and pour water supply
Where: Bleiwsijk
Who: Hoogheemraadschap from Schieland and Krimpenerwaard
When: 2015
Source: AquaReUse

Closing water cycle in the horticulture

AquaReUse is a purification project in which the waste water of a cluster greenhouses is purified. The same companies (re)use the purified water then again as irrigation water. Herewith a closed water cycle is realized.

The Hoogheemraadschap from Schieland and the Krimpenerwaard cooperate with it’s partners to realize the AquaReUse installation in the Overbuurtsche polder in Bleiswijk, a modern greenhouse area in municipality Lansingerland. AquaReUse is a new concept where all the waste water of the greenhouses is collected centrally within a special developed installation. Within the installation the water is purified to irrigation water that meets all the quality requirements set by the growers and their clients. This installation allows the reuse of household and horticultural waste water in the cultivation of vegetables and ornamentals.

Due to the increase of the horticulture the water demand in this sector remains very large. In recent decades we worked hard to optimize the reuse of irrigation water on several companies. Horticultural companies are able to increase the reuse of water severally. However, clusters of firms could work together for a better utilization of the available water by using purification concepts like AquaReUse.

The aim is that the plant will start working in the beginning of 2015. Growers are then able to buy the irrigation water for the previously established rate of 67 cents per cubic meter.