What: BlueCity010
Where: Rotterdam
Who: Sabine Biesheuvel, Siemen Cox, Mark Slegers, Annemarie Piscaer, Floris Schiferli en Wouter Veer
Since: 2015
Source: BlueCity

Blue City Rotterdam

BlueCity010 is an ecosystem where entrepreneurs in circular production combine their business cases to connect to each other and to operate entirely demonstrably. BlueCity010 is a network of entrepreneurs like Rotterzwam, Superuse Studios, Spiereaux, Standsimker and Studio Dust and the Aloha Bar. BlueCity010 focuses entirely on the “blue economy”: a system whereby the waste of one person is a raw material for another.

In this case, RotterZwam grows mushrooms on coffee waste and algae grow on residual heat and residual CO2 of these mushrooms. Alpha Enzymes sees opportunities to make bio plastics from coffee grounds. There will be a town bee-keeper who supplies the furniture maker of beeswax. In addition, there will be a vertical herb and vegetable garden which is provided with the worm compost and organic waste from the building and the neighbourhood.

Subtropical swimming pool

BlueCity010 focuses its sights currently on location at the Tropicana. This former subtropical pool in Rotterdam is ideally suited to show how an existing building, which has lost its function, need not be demolished, but can be reused by entrepreneurs. That means 12000 m2 concrete innovation, demonstration, sustainability and production.