What: Bobbing Forest
Who: Mothership and CityLab010
Where: Rotterdam
Since: March 2016
Source: Bobbing Forest

Floating Forest

Rotterdam gets a new city park at the old harbour basin Rijnhaven between the New Luxor Theater and the Floating Pavilion. The bobbing forest contains of 20 tree-on-buoys. The Dutch elms will be launched on National Tree Day, the 16th of March. A 21st tree-on-buoy will be placed on the quay to enable visitors a closer look and nearby benches make it possible to quietly enjoy the Floating Forest.

With the bobbing trees the art producer Mothership asks attention for climate change, innovation, art, health in cities and the importance of a green environment for the city dwellers. For the realisation of the project Mothership largely made use of existing materials. Twenty old sea buoys from the North Sea will be adapted to carry live trees so the seasons can unfold in full glory on the water. Because trees play an important part in the sustainability and climate ambitions of Rotterdam, 20 trees have been made available from the city tree bank.

Trees have an important role in the preservation of the city and their presence contributes to the climate ambitions of the city Rotterdam.

Jorge Bakker

The Floating Forest originates from an art piece by Jorge Bakker (Columbia, 1973). The designer, currently living and working in the Netherlands, is known for his architectonic sculptures and installations often visualizing invisible characteristics of elements like water and wind. Bakkers installation ’In search of habitus’ consists of an aquarium filled with water and floating bobbers containing miniature trees. The artwork challenges people to think about the relationship that people living in the city have with nature and how they relate to each other and the world around them.