What: BrightBox
Where: Venlo
Who: HAS Hogeschool, Botany, Philips Horticulture LED Solutions en province Limburg
Since: 2015
Source: BrightBox

Vertical farming

BrightBox research and education centre is located in the Innovatower, at the former Floriade site in Venlo. BrightBox is a centre of expertise for multi-layer cultivation without daylight, also called City Farming. In this ultra-modern horticultural facility it is possible to influence all the factors that affect the growth of a plant: light, air, temperature, feed, water and soil. This is the first European project where multi-layered production research into all of these factors can be carried out on a commercial scale.

BrightBox offers an unique possibility of taking small-scale research of just a few square meters and completely up-scaling this into a full-scale production area. Furthermore, the open character of the BrightBox sets it apart, as the knowledge and research results generated from the Box are pro actively shared with entrepreneurs, by means of events, publications and educational programmes.

The company Cogas Zuid from Asten-Heusden in North Brabant has been responsible for constructing these impressive facilities. BrightBox consists of two research rooms and one production room. Education, research, small and medium enterprise and government come together to collaborate in and around this new horticultural expertise facility.