What: Buiksloterham Circulair
Who: Frank Alsema, Peter Dortwegt and Saskia Muller
Where: Amsterdam
Since: 2015
Source: Buiksloterham

City lab

Buiksloterham is located in the North of Amsterdam and is undergoing a gradual transformation into a sustainable mixed-use urban area. Former industrial area Buiksloterham gets developed by public and private parties in an area with high circular ambitions. In the area – which is still partially an industrial area and largely polluted and abandoned – will soon have about 3,000 homes and 200,000 m2 of workspace. The neighbourhood is a City lab where the new living and working will be combined with sustained experimentation, innovative research and a quirky culture. Knowledge is shared within and outside the district.

Creative industry

The Municipality of Amsterdam has not opted for a detailed urban plan for Buiksloterham but a gradual transformation. The from origin industrial activity made place for small businesses including the creative industries. Buiksloterham attracts entrepreneurs and residents that likes to settle in an area that is not completely finished yet and where there are opportunities for own initiatives. The entrepreneurs build on old structures. They renovate old buildings into business centers.


Within Buiksloterham there is a lot of space for personal initiatives. At various lots self builders and construction groups are building. The first self builders are living in their self-built homes already. Because residents have the opportunity to shape their own desires, surprising quarters arise created by DIY.