What: CitySense
Who: Tvilight
Where: Groningen
Since: 2014
Source: Tvilight

Intelligent lighting

CitySense offers ‘on-demand lighting’ in which the light level adjusts based on the presence of pedestrians, bicycles or cars. The lights ‘dim’ during off-peak hours when there is no traffic in the vicinity, and all the lights in the surrounding area ‘glow’ to a user-defined brightness level upon detection of traffic or human presence.


CitySense supports automatic wireless communication with SkyLite, and can be remotely accessed via CityManager, creating a smart, energy efficient and safe environment. Due to the inbuilt wireless communication, CitySense can trigger up to 20 (user-defined) neighboring lights in real-time upon presence detection. This, in turn, creates a safe circle of light for the road-user(s).

The system still ensures safety as well as conventional lighting does, but comes with 80 percent reduction in energy use. In addition, operational costs are up to 50 percent lower because the integrated sensors alert system managers when maintenance is necessary. Similar to our wireless lighting controller, each light-point can be managed, monitored and controlled individually via CityManager.

Human touch

Lighting is all about feelings. Outdoor lights can make you feel peaceful, happy and energetic, or the opposite. CitySense helps making the lighting experience personal. The orientation LED within the product creates an intuitive glow, creating an enhanced user-experience.