What: Dakakker
Who: ZUS and Environmental Centre Rotterdam
Where: Rotterdam
Since: 2012
Source: Luchtsingel


On top of the Schieblockbuilding the first large harvestableroof is realized in the Netherlands. The ‘Dakakker’ is with it’s 1000 m2 the largest ground-on-roof-top-farm in Europe. There grow various vegetables and fruits and there are six beehives. This roof garden Schieblock is a very nice example of urban farming: local food production in and for the city.

The ‘Dakakker’ functions as a testsite to experiment with different ways of greenroofs. The Dakakker was created in April 2012 by Binder Rooftopgardens to the idea and design of ZUS [Zone Urban Sensibles] and developed in collaboration with the Environmental Centre Rotterdam. The Dakakker is one of the satelietprojects of the Rotterdam City Initiative The Luchtsingel.

The vegetables are purchased by restaurants in the neighborhood, and on Friday in the harvest season they are sold at the roofpavilion. Public activities and open days are regularly organized.