What: Largest Urban Farming project
Where: The Hague
Who: Urbanfarmers
When: 2015
Source: Innovation quarter

Agriculture Project Urban Farming De Schilde

The Hague has the largest urban farming project in Europe. A greenhouse measuring 1,200 square metres will be placed on the roof of the former Philips factory called De Schilde on the Televisiestraat.

The building, which was largely empty at the beginning, is redeveloped into a multi-storey urban farming centre called Urban Farming De Schilde. With a total investment of € 2.6 million De Schilde became the largest commercial urban food production facility in Europe. Exclusive vegetables are grown in the rooftop greenhouse. An indoor fish farm is also included on one of the floors of the building. Sinnerman Craft Beer started up a brewery in the building.

The so-called Stadslandbouw Den Haag project fits in well with the municipality’s ambitions to become a climate-neutral city by 2040. The origin and production process of our food has a large impact on the climate, environment and nature.

Two of the building’s storeys, each measuring 1,500 square metres, have been earmarked for urban farming. The Municipality of The Hague is offering an attractive rental price to urban farming tenants, plus advice and support in the area of marketing and promotion. The financing is expected to be finalised in January 2015.

Urban Farmers started with the developments of De Schilde after they became one of the winners of the business-challenge from municipality The Hague in October 2013.