What: ECO200
Where: Joure
Who: AgriComfort
Since: 2013
Source: Agricomfort

Energy from milk

The Netherlands currently has approximately 1.5 million lactating cows, which means that per eleven Dutch habitants, one cow is available. These cows together deliver not only a lot of milk, but also a lot of heat. Herewith the milk makes an unexpected creative way for sustainable energy.

In many cases this heat gets lost when chilling it, therefore the ECO200 system was conceived by the AgriComfort. ECO200 is a complete heating system, from which milk is used as a heat source. The cooling and heating process will be integrated in such a way that for both the energy only needs to be purchased once, instead of the usual two times. The heat from the milk cooling process can for example be used to heat the house on the farm.


When cooling the fresh cow’s milk (34 °C) to the ideal storage temperature in the tank (4 °C) a lot of heat is released. The total amount of heat is, in the present cooling tank installations discharged to the outside air through one or more blowers on the cooling unit.

With the ECO200 system they use different types of energy buffers and a heat pump. This takes over a (large) part of the cooling function of the milk cooling machine and is suitable to perform the heating function with temperatures up to 55 °C.