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The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation aims to offer an inspiring approach for the rapidly growing metropolises and their citizens, to keep life in these mega cities livable. By joining forces in a foundation, we empower a movement that can actually make a difference and allow our mega cities to grow in a healthy way, integrating food production into metropolitan areas and solving problems related to living, mobility, energy, water and food. Do you want to help us in achieving this goal? You are welcome to share, participate and contribute!


Because the issues we are facing on both a global and local level are not to be underestimated. Poor living environment, hunger, obesity, smog, climate change. We need to make a change now and reorganize our current land use and food production systems and start thinking in a more integrative way.
Yes, both Singapore and the Netherlands can be considered as Sustainable Urban Deltas. Singapore is a mega city and the Netherlands are a country the size of a mega city. They are located in a delta, near the sea at the end of a river. Situated on a very small piece of land and densely populated, these ‘mega cities’ have managed to integrate food production into their metropolitan areas, embracing innovative solutions related to water, living, mobility, energy, water and food. By being innovative, creative and integrative in their thinking and planning, they managed to create a Sustainable Urban Delta.
To create Sustainable Urban Deltas we need to fundamentally change the way we organize our land and food production systems. Fundamentally changing our current systems starts with looking at land use and food production systems in a an integrated way, considering e.g. living, mobility, water, energy and food. Cities need to integrated the green belts where the food is produced into metropolitan areas. Therefore, city planners need to take into account food production in their development plans. You could say, we need a mindshift!

You certainly can! All changes start with awareness and the determined will to make a difference. This is how you can help:

  • Check out local initiatives in which you can participate
  • Share your ideas with us
  • Use your influence to inform relevant stakeholders about the Sustainable Urban Delta approach and movement.


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