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Bank details

Bank:                       CREDIT SUISSE (Switzerland) Ltd.
Address:                 PARADEPLATZ 8
City:                         8070 ZURICH
IBAN CHF:              CH33 0483 5162 4584 0100 0
IBAN EUR:              CH96 0483 5162 4584 0200 0
IBAN USD:              CH69 0483 5162 4584 0200 1
Clearing Number: 4835

The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation is formally established in Switzerland and has received confirmation for the exemption from taxes on income and capital on federal, cantonal and municipal level. Based on Art. 56 lit. G DBG (direct federal tax law) and ยง57 Abs. 1 Bst. g StG (tax law on stamp duties) respectively, legal entities, which pursue public or charitable purposes, may be granted tax exemption on income and capital, which is solely and irrevocably dedicated to such purposes.