Sustainable Urban Delta

The foundation

The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation was established to help megacities make choices that open the door to healthy and sustainable urban growth.

A crucial element of our approach is the local production of healthy, fresh food in undeveloped or agricultural land surrounding or adjacent to cities, known as green belts.

I am Meiny,
entrepreneur with a story

What if the green belts where food is produced were integrated into urban areas? This would create exciting new opportunities on a social, ecological and economic level. But where do we start? This is not as difficult as you might think. I started the Sustainable Urban Delta initiative to show the world that it’s possible. Or better yet: that it’s already happening!

As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, my small home country of The Netherlands can be seen as an example of a successful megacity. With a limited amount of space, The Netherlands succeeds in producing more food than it needs every year. And it has done so by creating social and green living and working environments, characterized by innovative solutions such as decentralized energy solutions and the re-use of wastewater.

There are more examples of cities, companies and projects that prove that we can make the world’s major metropolises more sustainable. We have the solutions and the knowledge. I hope this will inspire you and serve as an example: whether you’re an entrepreneur who is just starting out and wants to be part of real change, or a city that is looking for great ideas. I invite you to read my story, and to share it!

Inspiring projects

We can make the world’s major metropolises more sustainable. We have the solutions and the knowledge.

Purpose of the Foundation


What if we can consolidate the thousands of fragmented initiatives all over the world? By joining forces, we can provide new perspectives for the issues that megacities face.. Our worldwide network means we can bring people and cities together to help them realize their ambitions.

The Foundation wants to initiate, intermediate, learn together and remain involved until tangible results are achieved. We aim to be the catalyst and the connector, but more importantly: with the support of others we want to contribute to the creation of a better future.


the foundation document

We believe in involved citizens, as advocates of healthy living environments and inclusiveness.

This is why

we do it

We believe in cities. As the urban population of the world grows, the role of cities in creating a sustainable future for all of us is becoming more and more crucial.

The decisions regarding our collective future are increasingly made by cities and will drive the progress of nations. Urban innovation aimed at improving quality of life is already taking place on a large scale in terms of mobility, infrastructure, and housing.

The local production of fresh and healthy food is a logical extension of this.

We also believe in entrepreneurship, in recognizing and encouraging smart solutions initiated by businesspeople who are often the motor of change. True sustainable change isn’t just policy, but must also come from involved entrepreneurs who see opportunities.

We believe in involved citizens, as advocates of healthy living environments and inclusiveness. And above all we believe in cities where food production is a catalyst for sustainability and circularity. Our goal is to work with cities, entrepreneurs and involved citizens to create awareness
about the benefits of returning food production to urban areas, as a logical component of a better future. We are convinced that these partnerships will result in solid plans leading to the creation of sustainable urban deltas.

Meet the team

We Inspire

Our extensive network and our vast knowledge about integrated food production make us the perfect base for you as you take on the challenge of creating green belts.

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We Connect

We bring the parties needed for realizing Green Belts together. We initiate, intermediate and remain involved so that results can be achieved.

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We Create

We are passionate! We will use our expertise to spot the opportunities in cities where the first steps can be taken. We will devise smart and actionable concepts that are financially feasible.

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