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The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation aims to be a connector: the platform where crucial parties find each other to learn, create and become firmly involved so that tangible results can be achieved. We can only create sustainable urban deltas with an integrated approach, which means we can’t do it alone.

This is why we are looking for partners who will contribute to sustainable and livable cities. 

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Are you working on issues related to livable cities and interested in opportunities for sustainable food production, becoming self-sufficient and stimulating circularity? Working on a project or looking to support initiatives? Join us! Together we can inspire, share knowledge and take the first steps to success. 

Does the idea of healthy and sustainable green cities all around the world speak to you? Are you financially positioned to impact this change?

Help us produce our next documentary so we can achieve this goal together.

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Are you an active citizen or member of government in a megacity? Is it your ambition to transform your home into a livable, food-producing metropolis? We can help you realize this goal.

Is your city facing problems related to food production and livability, and are you interested in solving these problems in a sustainable, intelligent, inclusive and innovative way? Does your city have a vision, strategy and, most importantly, the physical possibilities (abandoned urban space or vacant buildings) for sustainable innovation?

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Have you come up with a smart idea for food production that can help solve environmental problems and add value to your city?

Or are you currently working on a project that will contribute to your city? Come and join us so we can exchange ideas about similar projects all over the world.

Are you someone with good ideas and expertise, an emerging entrepreneur or a businessperson interested in social enterprise?

Ready to meet like-minded people?

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