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Our Ambition

The Sustainable Urban Delta isn’t just a theory; it’s more. The foundation was established to apply the principles of livable, food-producing cities. And we’re extremely ambitious! Our objective is to help 10% of the world’s urban areas embrace food production as a catalyst for sustainable development, making them greener, more livable cities. 

And that’s just the first step. Because ultimately these sustainable cities will transform opportunities into projects that contribute to healthy living and working conditions, renewable energy, clean drinking water, waste management and safe and healthy food. Sustainable Urban Deltas in the making!

Our method

It’s all about cities, so that’s where we start. We offer our services to city governments, organizations and citizens, working toward tangible results that will transform inspiration into action.

Our approach is also active: we start autonomously, using our insight to find physical opportunities. We’re committed and will show how a location can be transformed into a successful enterprise in the future.

Our expertise reveals where the first steps can be taken, and our passion will create broad support for the project.

Next, we develop proposals for transforming these opportunities into projects that will contribute to local entrepreneurship and community building. All of this from the perspective of integrated food production and the principle of circularity. The ultimate goal is to create opportunities in the areas of nutritious food supply as well as employment and social cohesion.

Financial modeling will predict the feasibility of a project and the profit it will generate. Financial profit for sure, but even more the added value for the city and its ambitions. Feasibility is a crucial part of any plan we develop, and this is where our expertise proves itself: it’s all based on our years of experience with food production, energy and water use. Ultimately, together with the cities and their stakeholders, we will conceive smart, actionable and financially feasible projects, using existing space and available technology. All based on expert analysis and numbers so that we can create viable business models.

Once development plans have been approved, the foundation will assist with implementation. We have the serious ambition of being a full and valuable partner to you, and we are determined that together we will ultimately create a Sustainable Urban Delta.


Does the vision of a sustainable urban delta fit in with your city’s urban strategy? Are you interested in an approach that can lead to solid results? Are you looking for partnerships that will help you achieve a livable, sustainable and food-producing city?

The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation offers three plans for cities interested in partnering with us. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we’ll devise a tailor-made plan for you. We offer different forms of partnership, depending on your ambitions and where your city finds itself on the road to sustainable development.

We offer different forms of partnership, depending on your ambitions and where your city finds itself on the road to sustainable development.

Our partnership plans

Preparing the Land

1-year Partnership


What we offer
Designed for communication, education about the principles of the sustainable urban delta, community building and learning from one another.

How we do this
The plan includes the organization of a number of events and presentations on becoming a food-producing city.

Awareness on a senior municipal level; attracting and connecting knowledge institutions, property developers and entrepreneurs who can make a difference.


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Seed Sowing

3-year Partnership


What we offer
We’ll develop a vision for your city together with your city, aimed at initiating projects, drawing attention to suitable locations and planning.

How we do this
We’ll scout the city, find suitable locations, and then, using the principles of design thinking, develop a plan and set out an approach together with you.

Attracting the attention of universities, inspiring entrepreneurs to action, creating awareness in local governments.


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5-year Partnership


What we offer

How we do this
We’ll manage the project. This includes: making our network available, getting the right stakeholders on board, and implementing the plan or plans.

A clear vision for your city, economic impact and developing an ecosystem from which further initiatives will be generated.


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