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The foundation aims to maximize support and convince policy makers to rethink their cities by integrating sustainable food production in their urban planning. This all starts with inspiration and awareness

The foundation can build on many years of experience growing safe and healthy food with minimal use of natural resources and extremely low environmental impact.

We share this vast knowledge of integrated food production as well as our extensive network, making us an essential link for cities ready to take on the challenge of creating sustainable green belts.

As a businesswoman and spokesperson for the Netherlands Trade Association, SUD founder Meiny Prins can count on a vast network of experts in the field of sustainable urban development to support her aim to realize Sustainable Urban Deltas worldwide.

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the city and the green belt


The foundation is maximizing reach and impact with a series of documentaries. These films will be shown at events and online.

Furthermore, Meiny and other members of the Foundation will act as keynote speakers, publish articles about relevant topics and connect with local and national policy makers, mayors, architects, city planners and entrepreneurs.

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Food production needs rapid and significant reform


Food and farming could hinder climate efforts, researchers say

A new study shows that even if energy, transportation and manufacturing go entirely green, emissions of greenhouse gases from the food system would put the world on track to warm more than 1.5°C, a target set in the 2015 Paris climate agreement. 

For the world to have a chance of preventing significant harm from climate change, the study authors say, all parts of food production need rapid and significant reform - everything from reducing deforestation to new fields of eating less meat.

Read the full article that Erik Stokstad published in Science through this link.

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Rethink the way cities are designed and embrace the idea that a major part of their food can be produced locally and sustainably


Over the past years, Meiny has shared her vision with many audiences, made up of diverse, relevant and prominent members. Her message was received as inspiring, enlightening and energizing.

Our goal is to inspire city governments, urban planners, architects, real estate developers, businesses and entrepreneurial citizens to rethink the way cities are designed and embrace the idea that a major part of their food can be produced locally and sustainably. 



By uniting people who want to share knowledge and exchange ideas.. 

..we can enhance skills, build capabilities, create assets, generate jobs and eventually improve livelihoods.


Smart solutions can be found all over the world. These inspirational examples from our network show that people all over the world are already taking the first steps toward sustainable and circular urban farming. We’re extremely proud of these and are convinced that many more will soon follow.

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