What: Forze Delft
Where: Delft
Who: The management of the team consists of seven full-time members.
Since: 2007
Source: Forze

Hydrogen Electric Racing

Forze was founded in 2007 and is developing zero emission race cars. Forze is the high-tech hydrogen racing team that is part of the Technological University of Delft. The team consists of students and professionals engaged in the development and implementation of water and fuel cell powered racing cars, in order to combine motor sport with clean technology. Hydrogen and oxygen are converted into a fuel cell to electricity and water.

Forze is convinced that hydrogen vehicles will play an important role in the future and that it is an essential complement to battery-powered cars. The purpose of the team is to promote the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in race cars.

Forze VI

For nine years, Forze released 6 race cars and achieved several highlights and successes such as the latest on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany. At this moment the Forze VI is being developed. A full scale race car which will compete against regular combustion engine powered cars. With a lap record of 10:40:56 minutes, the Forze VI is the fastest race car in the world which rides on water and fuel cells. Furthermore they also demonstrated her car during the Gamma Racing Day including Max Verstappen, Tim Coronel and Alex Márquez.