What: Fresh Water Mill
Where: Leeuwarden
Who: SolteQ Energy bv
Since: 2015
Source: SolteQ

Fresh Water Mill

The Fresh Water Mill makes drinking water from seawater, brackish water and/or waste water. At the same time the mill produces green electricity. The Windmill has got the normal tower and rotor blades. The Wind force will be forwarded with nearly zero losses with help of a new and patented SolteQ Hydro Drive System.

With help of this Hydro-Drive the wind force can be used directly to produce pressure. With this pressure the salt-water or brackish water will be pressed into a Reverse-Osmosis-System, which produces the clear water. The big difference is: no gear and no electrical pressure pump in the system, nearly zero energy loss and an effectivity with up to 98%. No fuel, no electrical energy is needed – only wind. The concept developed by SolteQ Energy is not only fully sustainable but in areas with sufficient wind, the water production costs will be cut by almost one half.

The first windmill is taken into operation in Leeuwarden. At the end of October 2015 a second one will be placed at the Colombian Island Johnny Cay. Where there is still no power or fresh water.