What: Greenhuus
Where: de Kabbelaarsbank
Who: K. van Wuyckhuyse en M. Dreisch
Since: 2011
Source: Greenhuus

Movable eco-lodge hotel

GreenHuus is a portable eco-lodge concept which is fully cradle-to-cradle constructed and sustainable/CSR responsible facilitated. In addition, GreenHuus can be placed anywhere because it is 100% self-sufficient and self-sufficient in energy, waste and water. The materials used are preferably obtained within a radius of 100 km.

GreenHuus is self-sufficient, which means there is no infrastructure necessary. The person who makes temporary use of GreenHuus is currently living in an autarkic world which actually differs a little from his normal living environment. The difference is just that he will deal more carefully and consciously with all kinds of things like gas, water, heat, light & energy. Water comes from the atmosphere, energy from the sun. The waste (water, sewage and solids) is minimal and is deployed on other places on the site. In order to ensure the natural experience, there is also preferably no need for a physical infrastructure. GreenHuus fits seamlessly into the eco2 thought. Here ecology and economy go hand in hand.

All this can be completely followed on the iPad with special app that is inserted into each GreenHuus. After his stay, the temporarily GreenHuus user gets a ‘glossy’ at home in which the consumption during the stay and what he have could done differently is indicated in an easy way. In addition, a cross is given how this could be implemented in the current living situation. At the first location, the Kabbelaarsbank, the first 20 GreenHuuses will be build on 7 acres of land.


GreenLoo is a self-contained and portable sanitary system. GreenLoo is designed and built according to the Cradle to Cradle principles and is therefore a closed loop product. The materials are all environmentally and preferably bio-based (renewable) of origin. GreenLoo is always mobile and self-sufficient. GreenLoo offers the guest an environmentally responsible toilet in places where no infrastructure exists, such as beach and natural areas.