Wat: a corporation with the mission to make the city’s greener
Who: NwA architects, Priva B.V., Dutch Green Company, e.a.
Where: Netherlands
When: since 2011
Source: Growndowntown

Grown Down Town

GrownDownTown was established in 2011 as a cooperative to set up projects, in collaboration with other parties, for growing crops in the city. GrownDownTown wants to expand this cooperation in the future with parties from various sectors in order to work together intensively to make the city greener.

Interested parties, from developers to private individuals, can submit various questions to the cooperative about green solutions: about a new building development, or the revitalisation of an empty building into a sustainably filled building. About making facades and roofs ‘edible’, but also about the latest sustainable energy and climate solutions.


In addition to this form of cooperative partnership, GrownDownTown is also working on a new local food brand. At the moment, local production is becoming more and more important throughout the world. Our brand taps directly into this development. Shorter chains, greater transparency, fresher food and better services for producers are the driving forces behind the constant rise in the local production of food.

By producing this under the cooperative brand name GrownDownTown, we are providing benefits on the purchasing side, with seed and starting material, but also on the sales side. A strong local brand, with a clear local message, marketing, guaranteed quality, freshness and a good honest price.