What: Beer brewery
Where: Limburg, Netherlands
Who: Family Rutten
When: Since 1825
Source: Gulpener

Sustainable family brewery

Beer already exists certainly 4000 BC and has seen significant developments in the course of thousand of years. Not only in terms of usage, but also in taste. However the basic ingredients are essentially unchanged. Still grain, yeast, hops and water is used to brew the best tasting beers. Gulpener deliberately chooses sustainably produced ingredients to make fair beer and to offer broad varieties.

Gulpener Brewery BV is an independent family brewery from Gulpen in the Dutch province Limburg. At about 400 hectare of land in Limburg the farmers cultivate according to the requirements of the Eco-label; barley, hop, wheat, rye and spelled is grown locally. The used hops is even organically certified and thus Gulpener is the first and only brewery in the Netherlands using organic hops from dutch soil.

The water they use comes from their own two sources; located approximately 53 meters below ground level. The malt is germinated and roasted around the corner at malt house Thywissen and the Kollenberger spelled for the Gulpener Korenwolf gets grind at the episcopal mill in Maastricht. Finally, the culture yeasts are cultured itself. These determine the character of the Gulpenere beer.