What: Hemel(s)water
Who: WIC
Where: Eco village Boekel
Since: May 2015
Source: Hemel(s)water

Home with a skin

Collecting rainwater from its own roof, purify it and save it as drinking water. That’s the Hemel(s)Water system developed by Albert Jansen from Water Innovation Consulting (WIC). The rainwater is sustainably purified to drinking water with a membrane filter. A first pilot plant is already connected to a house in the Ecovillage in Boekel. The measured quality is better than tap water.

WIC has developed a compacct, plug & play concept for anyone with a roof who wants to provide in their own drinking water needs. It involves the Hemel(s)water system that consists of a collecting tank for rainwater, an UF-membrane filter, and a storage tank for the Hemel(s)water. due to the purity of rain in combination with the mebrane filter, the water fulfills the drinking water requirements.


Rainwater is now being wasted by discharging it into the sea as quickly as possible. Simultaneously groundwater or surface water is pumped out of the ground to make drinking water. By making greater use of rainwater less water need be pumped. Furthermore, the rainwater harvesting in the city contributes to the occurrence of peak discharge via drains and reduces flooding.


Hemel(s)water does not use chemicals, gives no CO2 emissions and does not provide residual flows. The energy consumption is 0.05 kWh electric/m3 very low.

In comparison, a water company uses for a cubic meter on average 0.5 kWh of electricity and 200 grams of chemicals. Moreover, in the central drinking water preparation residues flow freely containing substances such as arsenic, manganese, chloride, iron, humic acids and CO2 emissions.