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Join the movement!

Meiny outlines her image of the Netherlands as a sustainable delta: “The Netherlands can make an international statement, but to do that we have to develop a new vision together. Together we must create a new future outlook for our country, as the ‘greenest city in the world’.

What can we do:
1. As a country, we can choose one ambition, one story that will bring all the sectors together, that will unite supply and demand. Something that both government and industry can promote. It will be our joint programme. As a country and as the entrepreneurial Netherlands.
2. To establish a connection with the issues facing large cities, reference projects are required. Let’s show people what we can do. We have plenty of outstanding examples – let’s showcase them. Together they tell the story of the Sustainable Urban Delta. And behind these outstanding examples, of course, there are the companies responsible for them. These companies will therefore also become more widely known.

3. The government will really need to do its utmost to facilitate the conditions necessary for doing business on an international scale.

The story of the Sustainable Urban Delta is not finished. It is something that we can work on together, and which is in fact already being worked on right now, at a national level! This information will also be available on this website in the near future.

Meiny is looking for outstanding examples that will help her tell the story. Are you aware of a suitable example that could help us continue this story and showcase all the reference projects that we have today in the Netherlands? If so, let us know about it by using the form to send us your inspiring example.