What: Hotel
Where: Amsterdam
Who: Amstelside BV, Mulderblauw architects en Architecture Paul de Ruiter
When: completion 2015
Source: Hotel Amstelkwartier

Sustainable four-star-plus hotel

The hotel has three hundred rooms and meets all the needs of the guest of the 21st century: every luxury and comfort, without causing a negative impact on our planet. A sustainable hotel asks for integrated sustainability in both the field of energy conservation and business operations as well as quality of accommodation. The primary focus for achieving this is to close every possible cycle in the fields of energy, waste, water and the use of materials. The secondary focus is to design a specific hotel that is connected to its location and the city of Amsterdam

The building will consist of a compact core of logistics facilities surrounded by the hotel spaces that are specifically positioned for maximum exposure to daylight. The hotel rooms will have floor-to-ceiling windows to ensure outstanding spatial quality. Natural ventilation using outside air will be possible in every room. The large parts of the day when guests are away from the hotel or sleeping in their room will be cleverly used with the façade responding to the outside climate to prevent loss of heat or overheating. This means that the architectural outer shell will already provide the greatest saving in energy consumption.

The remaining energy requirement will be generated in-house, partly with biomass from the hotel. Grey water will be used for flushing the toilets; rainwater for the herbs grown in the greenhouse on the top level. Plants will absorb CO2 from the used ventilation air. Heat from the extracted ventilation air will be collected and reused. Materials will be reduced in quantity wherever possible through smart design, and will be recycled and sourced from local suppliers and manufacturers wherever feasible.