What: Hotspot Hutspot
Where: Rotterdam
Who: Bob Richters
Since: 2014
Source: Hotspot Hutspot

Hotspot Hutspot

Hotspot Hutspot aims for healthy and sustainable food for everyone. Also in the districts where the social bond and the quality is low and where the health of the children (and their parents) are under pressure due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This is done by using the vacancy in neighborhoods with urban agriculture and restaurants, where teenagers can walk in after school to participate in cooking activities. The teenagers learn about healty food, how to grow fresh products and they learn how to cook and serve.


At the end of the afternoon, the teenagers and volunteers eat a healty three-course menu together with the cooks and from half past five the local residents are welcome to eat the three-course menu for €8,00.

Hotspot Hutspot currently has four restaurants in Rotterdam. The restaurants are located in Lombardijen, at the Heijplaat, in Schiebroek and in Crooswijk. Per shift there is space for seven children in every restaurant. They can choose whether they want to serve or cook. The children are accompanied by a real chef-cook.