What: Northern Pipeline
Where: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Who: Eneco
When: 2014
Source: eneco

Northern Pipeline

The Northern Pipeline is a pipeline linking the northern part of Rotterdam with the Rotterdam port area. A lot of heat is released in the petrochemical industry and in the processing of waste in Rotterdam. At present, this heat is discharged into the Nieuwe Maas River, which is scandalous.

By transporting excess water from the port area to the district heating system in the northern part of Rotterdam, the city’s households can be heated with residual heat from industry, which is obviously much more sustainable than using fossil fuels. The southern part of the city is already connected to residual heat from industry.

The Northern Pipeline forms part of the ‘Heat Roundabout’. This is an energy grid in South Holland with which residual heat from industry can be used to heat homes and office buildings. The plan is that ultimately there will be an energy grid in South Holland, which can be supplied by anyone who has ‘excess’ heat. And which can be tapped into by anyone who needs heat.

The unique thing about this project is that the largest area of greenhouse
horticulture in the world – the Westland – is less than 10 km away from one of the largest ports in the world. This makes it possible to exchange energy particularly efficiently in the form
of heat. Residual products from Rotterdam industry, such as CO2, are already being exchanged. An old pipeline is already being used to supply excess CO2 from the petrochemical industry to horticulture companies in the Westland.