Where: Amsterdam
Who: Marie-Claire Aarts en Michel Homeijer
Since: 2014
Source: UrbanPopUp

Urban PopUp

Urban PopUp offers solutions for vacant premises with a newly developed concept: the Loft2Go. The Loft2Go is a portable bathroom and kitchen, which can be placed in a day in vacant offices, shops, school premises or warehouses, so the space can be quickly made fit for habitation.
Loft2Go is a sustainable solution for two persistent problems: office vacant premises and housing shortages.

The Loft2Go is a plug&play design furniture. The freestanding modular construction clicks together and is available in two sizes. All pipes are installed and the unit is easily connected to existing supply and drainage and electricity. The bathroom and kitchen can therefore be placed in one day and also be moved just as easily again to a different space.


Structural interventions are limited to a minimum with the Loft2Go units, thus the illuminated Building regime applies, the conversion procedure is shortened and tax advantages apply. By 3D production techniques and creative use of materials, transformation costs remain as low as possible, while the interior is pure, and exudes sustainable luxury. The Loft2Go is from Dutch design.

In this movie a little impression of how the Loft2Go looks.