What: a place to live, work, shop and eat
Where: Rotterdam, Netherlands
When: 2014
Source: Markthal Rotterdam

The world under one roof

The covered Market Hall, a market of international renown, opened its doors in autumn 2014 and is open seven days a week. On the Binnenrotte in the heart of the Laurens Quarter, this impressive building houses a large covered market with approximately 100 fresh produce units, 15 food stores, 8 restaurants and a branch of Albert Heijn. In addition to the established, well-known retailers, there is room for ‘local heroes’ with their specific offerings. A great deal of attention has also been devoted to education in the form of a cooking school and the ‘World of Flavour’. In the ‘World of Flavour’ visitors are given information on all sorts of food-related products, among other things by means of enjoyable tasting sessions. 228 rental and owner-occupied apartments are being built in the arch, including 24 penthouses. The basement contains a car park with over 1,200 parking spots, making it the ideal car park for Rotterdam city centre. This concept will also be implemented in other (large) cities.


Why a Market hall?

Large covered markets with fresh food can be found in almost every major international city. It is a delight to shop in these places. Strangely enough, this phenomenon does not yet exist in the Netherlands. In addition to the cosiness of a covered market floor, the hall is arranged in a practical manner and the produce is attractively presented. Strict European food regulations place high (hygiene) standards on market traders. It is scarcely possible to sell meat any more at outdoor markets. And the outdoor sale of fish, poultry and soft cheeses is only permitted under stringent conditions.

The Rotterdam Market Hall offers the solution. At the same time, the Market Hall is responding to current trends. The demand for responsible and organic food is increasing. In addition, more and more people see cooking as a hobby. A complete range of special, surprising and sustainable food products in a welcoming environment – that is the Rotterdam Market Hall.