What: Mobile Dikes
Who: Bart Burggraaf en Dirk Bon
Where: Aalsmeer
Since: 2015
Source: Mobiele dijken

Mobile flood protection system

The Netherlands is the expert in the field of water. We are the best protected delta in the world, but even we have to face challenges. In combating flooding type of threats, The Netherlands is still old-fashioned as an expert, sandbags are still the first thought in preventing floods. Mobile dikes are the innovative replacement for sandbags.

A mobile dike uses the problem, water, in order to address the problem. The mobile dyke is filled with water, forming a temporary dam from 50 cm up to 260 cm high. Setting up the mobile dikes in flowing water is possible. The mobile dikes are quick and easy to set up and 90 times faster then sandbags. With the mobile dyke a disaster in the area of high water or flood can be contested faster, more effectively and with less personnel and equipment.