What: Netics BV
Who: Hugo Ekkelenkamp en Eldert Besseling
Where: Alblasserdam
Since: 2013
Source: Netics BV

Building with sludge

As a result of the rising sea level and urbanization of urban areas, globalization is growing the need to build flood controls and houses. However, this is a costly matter. Netics from Alblasserdam has a system to squeeze sludge into building materials. This will upgrade the waste to useful material. The mud can be processed locally to building blocks. These building blocks are used to construct constructions such as weirs, dams and dikes and even buildings.


Mud factory

Rivers in delta’s carry sediment that drops in the form of unwanted mud. To prevent floods, dredgers start working in these areas. Poor regions do not dredge too often, causing certain areas to flow faster. In the mud factory the mud is dewatered and stabilized. After that the process in innovative pressed stones takes place. Because this is done locally, there are no drainage and storage costs for the sludge. Because more than 90% of the composition of the blocks consists of free available sludge specimens, the blocks are always cheaper than traditional primary raw materials or, for example, concrete.

In addition, the legoblocks made out of sludge make a significant contribution to reducing CO2. By using at least 90% sludge instead of concrete, nearly 80% less kilogram of CO2 is produced compared to the production of concrete legoblocks.