What: NoFoodWasted
Who: August de Vocht
Where: ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Since: 2014
Source: NoFoodWasted

Together against food waste

A third of all the food produced ends in the bin. The Dutch supermarkets alone are already responsible for 115 million kilos worth a €400 million of discarded food. A 118 meals can be made out of this for each Dutch person. NoFoodWasted wants to reduce this waste in five years by 50% – using a technology solution that is better for everyone.

Discounted app

The discounted app brings supermarkets and consumers together in the fight against food waste. Supermarkets put in the app which products run against the expiration date and are therefore discounted. Consumers can already see at home what products at their local supermarket will end up in the bin, and put these products on their shopping list to prevent food waste. So this is better for the supermarket, better for the consumer and better for the environment.

Next to that, consumers are made aware of their own share in food waste. Creating a shopping list is an example of a good way to waste less food, therefore users can instantly save products on their digital shopping list in the Discounted app.

By entering the data in the Distounted app, it also gets clear where the problem lies. It provides, for instance, insight into which products most often don’t get sold in the supermarket. With this information we can turn the chain: instead of supply-driven, the chain becomes question-driven. Supermarkets and farmers can produce more focused, which makes less waste.