What: Packaging-free supermarket
Where: Berlijn
Who: Sara Wolf en Milena Glimbovski
When: since 2014
Source: Het Kan Wel

No bag required

A packaging-free supermarket in Berlin raised € 20,000 in one day with a crowdfunding campaign. As a result, the Berlin company ‘Original Unverpackt’ will be able to open its first unpacked store this summer.

The people behind the project, Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, are speechless and delighted with the amount of positive attention they have received. “We’ve already been popping open the champagne tonight,” they write on their Facebook page. “We are completely blown away by this and are now excitedly wondering when we will reach our target of € 45,000.”


The idea for a packaging-free supermarket was received very positively by the German public. A future client wrote this on the company’s Facebook page: “I think this is a really brilliant idea. People will buy things in a much more conscious way, since you can’t just chuck everything in your shopping trolley. In addition, it will save an enormous amount of waste.” Unnecessary packaging is a particular source of great frustration to many consumers. Another customer wrote: “I get annoyed every time I see cucumbers wrapped in plastic and I hate the fact that peppers and bananas are always in little plastic bags.”

On the other hand, there is also some criticism about how practical this way of shopping is. Some people said that there would be long queues for vegetables. “Shopping this way will take hours” was one of the critical notes that was sounded.
For people who can understand German; Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski talk about the project in this video: