What: Heat from the sewers
Who: Tauw en Doorgeest
Where: Swimming pool ‘t Bun in Urk
Since: 2016
Source: Omegam water


Riothermie, heat recovery from sewage has been successfully applied in other countries for years already. In the Netherlands, the first project starts in Urk. The water from swimming pool ‘t Bun is heated by the heat of a press sewer.

Riothermie is a technique where thermal energy can be recovered from the sewage. To this end, a heat exchanger is placed in the sewer system, by which heat and / or cold is recovered.The temperatures are still relatively low. With the use of the heat pumps, the temperature is then brought to a usable level.

Heat and cold storage

The riothermie is used in combination with heat and cold storage (TES). Since the sewage gives a lot of heat in the summer, and the pool then just requires less heat, the heat is stored in the soil during summer. This heat is then available again for the pool in the winter.


Energy from sewage water

The system in Urk is designed by Tauw and built by Doorgeest in Raalte. Around a new sewer press, the installation company laid down a double-walled tube over a length of 120 meters which acts as a heat exchanger and harvests the energy of the sewage water.