What: Protix Biosystems
Where: Dongen
Who: Kees Aarts, Tarique Arsiwalla, Stijn Harms, Wim Besselink
Since: 2013
Source: Protix

Sustainable proteins

One third of all fishing is processed as animal protein in animal food. The danger of over-fishing of the oceans is closer then we think. Therefore, Protix Biosystems BV develops sustainable high quality proteins that serve as an alternative to fish meal and other nutritional supplements. Protix is located in Dongen with the production of fly larvae. Protix wins high-quality protein for animal foods and fats for compound feeds. This is done in a sustainable way.

The organic waste streams are converted by means of a variety of insects. The nutritional value of insects is increasingly seen as a possible solution to the impending food shortages. The use of insecticides can also help to reduce our waste and prevent overfishing.


Early this year the company announced to move to a larger location. Protix wants to produce at this larger venue a thousand tons of fly larvae per year. Furthermore the Dongense company also has international ambitions. For example, they started a project in Norway with insect protein to fed farmed salmon.

Protix Biosystems is one of the most promising technology pioneers in the world. Which is announced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in August 2015.