What: RAW for the Oceans
Who: G-star Raw en Pharrell Williams
Where: Amsterdam
Since: 2014
Source: G-star Raw

Denim from recycled ocean plastics

“Climate change is one of the most defining issues of our time. We can each do our part, and recycling ocean plastics is a good way to start” – Pharrell Williams.

Over the last 50 years, humankind has produced approximately 700 million tons of plastic that now resides in the oceans, harming the ecology, economy and health. RAW for the Oceans is a collaborative project that retrieves plastic from the oceans and transforming it into denim, co-designed by Pharrell Williams.

From ocean plastics to denim

The process of making the world’s first denim from recycled ocean plastic.

Step 1. Out of the ocean.
Plastic pollution is first retrieved from our oceans, and with millions of tonnes of it out there, there is plenty to work with.

Step 2: Pieced in preparation.
The retrieved ocean plastic is broken down into chips and then shredded to fibres, ready to be spun into yarn.

Step 3: Spinning the yarn.
Ocean plastic fibres are spun into strong core yarn and then helixed with cotton, making Bionic® yarn.

Step 4: Weaving and knitting.
The innovation is complete with the weaving or knitting of Bionic® yarn into RAW for the Oceans fabrics.