What: Robin Radar Systems
Who: Siete Hamminga en Gerben Pakkert
Where: The Hague
Since: 2010
Source: Robin Radar

Detection radar for drones

Worldwide, about 200,000 drones are sold per month. The interest in drones is great, which causes the number of incidents with drones to grow and the drones sometimes provide threatening situations. In many different places, drones are now even forbidden. Reason for Robin Radar Systems to develop a detection radar for drones.

Smart software

Robin Radar is specialised in radar systems for detecting small targets. Special about the detection radar for drones is that it does not only detects drones, but can also distinguish them from birds. The radar recognizes a drone’s rotor blades using smart software algorithms and advanced Doppler techniques.

Because the drones can cause accidents or be used for illegal purposes, the demand for detection equipment is growing fast. There are almost collisions with airplanes, stuff can be trafficked to prisons or drones can be used by terrorist organizations. The detection radar is used for the defence market, however due to the cost level it can also be interesting for other security industries. Meanwhile, the systems have been operationally used to protect world leaders, such as during the G7 Summit.