What: sustainable poultry
Where: several places in the Netherlands
Who: Rondeel B.V
When: since 2008
Source: Rondeeleieren

Rondeel kip en ei

A Roundel is a new type of poultry house. Animal welfare is central to its design. The characteristic feature of this new concept, a poultry house with a round shape, is that chickens have plenty of living space without having to go outside. Each ‘segment’ of the Roundel consists of a night quarters and a day quarters,” says Ruud Zanders, the supplier of the system.


Thanks to systems that let in light and air, the chickens live inside and yet outside at the same time, according to the manufacturers. “Now that we are having to deal increasingly with the compulsory indoor confinement of birds on account of animal diseases, such as coryza at the moment, this is a real benefit”, says poultry farmer Gerard Brandsen. The Roundel’s manufacturers expect that in the near future consumers will be more interested in eggs produced by animal-friendly systems. They also believe that consumers will be willing to pay a premium for them. “We are also working on special egg boxes, so that you can see in the store that it is a ‘Roundel egg’,” adds Zanders.