What: Sea salt battery
Who: Dr Ten BV
Where: Wezep
Since: 2013
Source: Dr Ten

Clean and cheap energy storage

How can we store all renewable electricity from solar panels and wind mills when demand is low? How can we accelerate electric driving and relieve fossil fuel dependency? Dr Ten has developed an intelligent energy solution: the sea salt battery. The sea salt battery is a natural, clean battery suitable for stationary storage of solar energy, wind energy or electricity from the electrical grid. It can also act as a charging station for charging electric cars. The battery has sea salt as main component and carbon as electrode. A prototype battery was tested being able to already run more than 7000 recharge and discharge cycles. Cheap and clean materials make this battery the cheapest and cleanest in the world.


The sea salt battery is a new battery developed by Dr. Ten BV. Inventor Dr. Marnix ten Kortenaar was inspired to develop a new battery when he saw that poor people in remote areas of Africa needed a better, cheaper and cleaner battery for storing solar energy. The basis for the work was laid in 1994 when Ten Kortenaar started research in metal air batteries. The battery consists of natural materials and has sea salt as the main component. The battery can be made ​custom sized and recently won the Jan Terlouw Innovation price and the Blauwe Tulp Accenture Innovation Award.