What: Texel smart Illuminated
Who: Imtech Traffic & Infra and municipality of Texel
Where: Texel
Since: 2016
Source: Municipality of Texel

Texel Smart illuminated

At the beginning of 2016, all lightning at Texel consists out of sustainable LED lightning. Texel gets darker where it’s possible and lighter where it has to. Texel embraces darkness as so-called core value. Next to that it is also good for the environment and delivers substantial savings.

Customized lighting

Imtech Traffic & Infra is working in cooperation with the municipality of Texel and stakeholders on the new “customized lighting”; components in the luminaries and sensors on the masts will take care for the dimming. The sensors respond to the movements of the road-users, for example from those of pedestrians. Thus, the light travels along with the road-users. Imtech Traffic & Infra takes all public lighting outside the villages of Texel away and replaces it with passive and active tags. Active tag in the form of sustainable LED lighting in the roads on solar energy. The pavement thus remains visible and moreover the burden on the fauna is null.

First municipality

Texel saves two-third of the current energy consumption for lightning with the LED lightning. The energy needed for the new LED light is generated sustainably by solar panels. Texel is the first municipality in the Netherlands that is completely lightened energy neutral. With Slim Illuminated they not only save significantly on energy costs and maintenance, but also contribute to a better environment, nocturnal darkness and sustainable Texel.