What: SnappCar
Where: Utrecht
Who: Victor van Tol and Pascal Ontijd
Since: 2011
Source: SnappCar

Sharing cars

In Europe, 250 million cars remain unused for approximately 23 hours a day. In 2011, Victor van Tol and Pascal Ontijd, decided to address this challenge and founded SnappCar. Snappcar is an online community where nowadays more than 120.000 Dutch, Danish and German consumers share their cars.

The cars are all-risk insured, also abroad. To achieve a reliable community for participants, every new person who registers with us is checked on address, credits, insurance history and identity. 24/7 help and service is offered, if necessary support or replacement vehicle is provided throughout Europe. Furthermore renting via SnappCar is 30-50% cheaper than renting a regular car at a rental company or traditional car sharing and it saves thousands of euros per year compared to car ownership. The renter can determine itself which rental price is offered. The renter receives 70% of the proceeds.

As a frontrunner in the sharing economy, but also as a social enterprise, SnappCar aims to make a positive change for society by contributing to stronger social networks in cities and communities, reducing CO2 emission and saving costs. Their mission for 2018 is: 1% less cars in Europe.