What: Sunfloat
Where: Groningen
Who: Dr. Tjeerd Jongsma and Sipco Eggink
Since: 2013
Source: Sunfloat

Floating solar field

Sunfloat provides ready-made floating solar fields that rotate along with the sunlight. The use of the reflection of the water ensures an expected yield of 25 to 30% more than comparable fixed panels on land. Next to that, there is passive cooling through the water surface and there is a higher amount of sunshine hours over wetlands.

The systems produced by Sunfloat deliver more kilowatt-hours per day. Moreover, the power delivered in the morning and evening is higher as well. This reduces imbalance in the net.

The floats can be easily moved allowing temporary use of water features. The concept is aimed at industrial waters in the Netherlands. The many surface waters in The Netherlands offer enough space for floating solar panels. The installation of solar panels on land is difficult or socially undesirable. However, the Netherlands is rich in water, even in industrial areas.

The project, called Zogrunn is a close cooperation between the energy innovation EnTranCe, consultancy EnableMi and the producer of the floating solar systems Sunfloat. The municipality of Groningen supports the project. In addition, the project is subsidized by the top sector Energy.