What: Sustainer Homes
Where: Utrecht
Since: 2015
Source: Sustainer Homes

Live Anywhere

In the world of rising rents, sprawling cities, and dwindling resources, we’ll need housing that is much more independent, flexible, and sustainable than anything offered on the housing market of today. Sustainer Homes builds the world’s first fully off-grid, sustainable, and mobile container homes based on the Cradle2Cradle principles that require no sacrifices in living comfort.

Sustainer Homes uses only recycled or recyclable building materials. That makes them one of the most sustainable living options available on the market today. With no connection to the sewerage, electricity, water, or gas grid, you’re free from utility bills and free to live anywhere.


Electricity is produced by a smart combination of solar panels and wind mills to make sure you have enough energy for a regular household, year round.



Rainwater is collected from the roof of the container, and filtered to Dutch water standards so it is safe to drink. All the water that goes down the drain is filtered through a helofyte filter, which then releases it back into the ground.



A highly efficient heat pump (‘reversed refrigerator’) combined with high quality insulation makes sure the home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.