What: Tesla Taxi Schiphol
Where: Netherlands
Who: BBF Schipholtaxi and BIOS-groep
When: Since 2014
Source: Taxi Electric

Full electric Tesla taxi’s

The taxi fleet of Schiphol has been expanded with Tesla taxi’s. In total there will be 167 fully electric taxi’s driving from Schiphol. Tesla Model S is not only quiet and environmentally friendly but comfortable too. The backseat is provided with a tablet. Even though Tesla has the look of a luxury sports car, there is still plenty of room for luggage in both front and back seat.

The Tesla’s are located at Schiphol plaza in the row with the other taxi’s. The traveller is not required to take the first taxi, so he may decide to walk through or wait for a Tesla.


The Tesla’s are owned by the BBF Schipholtaxi and BIOS-group. With the Tesla fleet, Schiphol is unique in the world: there is no airport where there are so many sustainable taxi’s. Unlike many other 100% electric car, the Tesla has a substantial range: about 500 kilometers by the manufacturer. Depending on the driving style that will often be less in practice, but usually enough to ride all day without recharging. More and more E-stations are situated near the highways. Tesla’s are able to charge with a quick charger at these stations. Within twenty minutes the car is fully charged.

Quality transport and environmental friendly are now able to be combined, according to CEO Jos Nijhuis from Schiphol. The taxi’s do not emit CO2 and substances that are bad for air quality.
Schiphol wants to rank among the top three most sustainable aiports in the world, says Nijhuis.