What: 100% vegetable burger
Where: Nederland
Who: Mark Kulsdom en Lisette Kreischer
When: since 2012
Source: The Dutch Weed Burger

Healthy fast superfood

We worry about CO2 emissions from our industries and cars. But we forget about the methane emissions from the worldwide livestock population all too quickly. Methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2 and accounts for 15% of the greenhouse effect. Ruminants such as cows, goats and sheep emit a lot of methane.

The Dutch Weed Burger is a 100% vegetable burger. The burger replaces animal protein with vegetable sources such as seaweed and algae. The burger is tasty, healthy and sustainable. It is sustainable because no fresh water or additional agricultural land is required for the production of the vegetable proteins.

The succulent patty is made from roasted soya flakes and kombu (seaweed). The bun has been given an extra seaweed-kick with chlorella, which gives the protein a green tinge. The ‘weed sauce’ is a tasty, spicy, creamy sauce enriched with real Dutch sea lettuce from Zeeland.

»100% vegetable – therefore vegetarian, vegan and halal
»100% natural – what you see is what you eat
»100% healthy – packed full of vitamins, minerals and proteins
»No colourants
»No preservatives
»Soya from controlled crops, NON-GMO and from North America