What: Undagrid
Where: Zeist
Who: Rolf van de Velde, Marcus Breekweg, Christiaan Willemsen and Lennart Schröer
Since: 2014
Source: Undagrid

Sensible Connectivity

Undagrid develops energy-saving transmitters (trackers) which objects like luggage carts and containers helps communicate with each other with the result of forming a network. This is a so-called mesh network, in which the individual objects are not connected themselves to the Internet. The information from the different objects of the network is received by one or more receivers, which transmits the data to the Internet so that a user can read the data. With the so-called GSETrackers the use and maintenance of Schiphol is much more efficient.

Due to the fact that the transmitters only have to communicate with objects that are nearby, it is able to keep the energy consumption of the transmitters ‘ultra-low’. Ideal for example for aerospace companies, who can see where the cars are and whether they are in need of maintenance. A luggage cart can take up to five years by giving his position and maintenance status on one battery charge.

Internet of Things

Undagrid is a technology company that provides a communications network focused on the rapidly growing market of ‘the Internet of Things’. A market that is expected to grow with several tens of billions of devices until the end of this decade and will change our world dramatically. The startup was founded on the University of Twente and made the GSETrackers in collaboration with SPS international. The transmitters have been used at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Paris Charles de Gaulle airport since last year.