What: Urban Street Forest
Where: Amsterdam
Who: Raymond Brouwers and Beatrice Puijk
Since: 2012
Source: Urban Street Forest

Vertical Forest

The Urban Street Forest project stands for making the city’s high-rises vertically greener. The high-rise apartments often has an anonymous character and is usually found in gray focus districts. Planting small trees on the balconies of these flat-buildings can improve the quality of the environment. Trees give the district colour, ensuring less noisy neighbourhood and filter (fine) dust from the air.

The Urban Forest Street project is mainly focused on urban areas dominated by stone and concrete high-rise. The goal of the project is the greening of this raw and gritty neighbourhoods. Greening the flats allows for upgrading the area. The first vertical forest of Urban Street Forest is realized in 2014 on the Postjesweg in Amsterdam in collaboration with local residents, businesses, retailers and primary school ‘De Toekomst’.

Buy an Apple tree!

With the purchase of an Urban Street Forest apple tree you support three objectives:
– The Mini Tree gives a beautiful blossom in spring, apples in the fall and brightens up your balcony and your neighbourhood!
– Urban Street Forest plants a tree on a balcony in a focus neighbourhood.
– Trees for the Future plants together with farmers a tree against deforestation in a third world country.

You have the choice out of three different pollinating apple trees and you buy the Mini Tree for € 32,50. Or give it as a gift!