About us

About us

The Sustainable Urban Delta website is an initiative by Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva. She describes how the site came into being:

“In early January 2014 I had the opportunity to give a speech to MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands). In this speech, I talked about my concerns regarding the Netherlands’ business model and the lack of a shared ambition.

With ‘The Sustainable Urban Delta’ website, I would like to encourage the people of this country to focus more on our innovative strengths and on the worldwide opportunities available to the Netherlands if we have a shared vision of the future.

I have been inspired by the world of Priva. A world in which horticulture and the built environment are getting ever closer to each other and are coming into contact more and more. A world that is overflowing with opportunities and new business models. A world full of outstanding examples that deserve to be seen. Let yourself be inspired by the concept of the Netherlands as the greenest city in the world!!”

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