What: Vehicle2Grid-energy storage
Where: Lombok, municipality Utrecht
Since: 2014
Source: Vehicle2Grid

Storage system for solar energy

In Lombok, a district of Utrecht, the first Vehicle2grid energy storage system of Europe is commissioned. The storage system for solar power loads and unloads Nissan electric cars in order to provide homes from energy.

What makes an electric car suitable as backup for a local energy network is the fact that the battery of an electric car can charge and discharge. Currently, the only possibility that we make use of is the possibility to charge an electric car battery in order to drive the car (Grid2Vehicle) while two-way traffic on the grid (Grid2Vehicle and Vehicle2Grid) is possible as well thanks to the deployment of electric vehicles as a backup.

Residents can decide what happens to locally generated energy, such as the solar power. The battery of an electric car can be used as locally generated renewable energy for supply to the grid, and the energy can be used directly or stored in the battery of an electric car to use later for transport, home or business.