What: Hotel, restaurant, market and garden
Where: Dordrecht
Who: Villa Augustus
When: since 2007
Source: Villa Augustus

Dordrecht bordering the Wantij

In the water tower of Dordrecht and the adjacent pump building, a hotel and restaurant are established named Villa Augustus. Around the water tower a garden is landscaped. The restaurant uses the ingredients from the vegetable garden to create seasonal meals.

The garden

On the same spot where once the water basins for Dordrecht’s water tower were located, Villa Augustus created a garden of approximately 1,5 Ha. They envisaged a garden that would do justice to all the images that the thought of a garden evokes. A garden that supplies food, a garden that is a feast for the eye and delight for the nose, a garden that reflects the changes of the seasons, a garden where sun and moon, wind and water, air and rain can be felt. A garden that inspires the cook and that in turn is inspired by the kitchen – the cook and the gardener, the gardener and the cook.

The restaurant

The restaurant of Villa Augustus is located in the middle of the vegetable garden. Here staff and visitors are able to experience the change of the seasons from spring to summer to autumn to winter. The open kitchen is the heart of the restaurant in both the literal and figurative sense. Here the treasures that each season has to offer are transformed into delightful and delicious dishes. The menu changes according to the seasons. There are no fixed features on the menu. The kitchen uses mainly organically grown produce and ingredients that are produced in a sustainable way.

The hotel

The hotel in the water tower bordering on the Wantij of Dordrecht has 37 rooms, 20 of which are located in the water tower. All rooms are bright and offer marvellous views.

The market

The first thing you will see upon entering Villa Augustus is the Market. The Market houses a bakery that produces all our sourdough bread, cookies, cakes and pies. There is also a kitchen where the vegetables are washed, the fish are cut and cleaned, stocks are prepared and preserves are made.